Sky High (2005 movie)

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Sky High
Directed byMike Mitchell
Produced byAndrew Gunn
Written by
Music byMichael Giacchino
CinematographyShelly Johnson
Edited byPeter Amundson
Distributed byBuena Vista Pictures
Release date
  • July 29, 2005 (2005-07-29)
Running time
100 minutes
CountryUnited States
Budget$35 million[2]
Box office$86.4 million[3]

Sky High is a 2005 movie from Walt Disney Pictures, starring Kurt Russell.

Plot[change | change source]

This movie is about superheroes. Will Stronghold has two superhero parents. His dad, Steve, is The Commander, who is very strong. His mother, Josie, is Jetstream, who can fly. Will is expected to have great powers of his own, but he finds that he does not have any. He enters his school, Sky High, where the students are sorted into "hero" and "sidekick." Will is given the position of a sidekick and takes different classes than the hero track. He later tells his dad about this, who is not happy that his son will not be like him.

At school, Will also has an enemy named Warren Peace. The Commander put Warren's father away for three life terms. During a lunch, Warren gets very mad at Will and starts throwing fireballs, which is his superpower. Will dives under a bench. It is here his power comes to him; super strength, like his dad. He manages to defeat Warren and both are put in a time out room where their powers do not work. His mother is not happy, but his dad is very happy that Will has powers. Steve shows Will the hiding place where the Stronghold family does all of their activities.

Will's new powers put him up in the hero track, where he is partnered with a girl named Gwen Grayson. Will soon falls for Gwen and does not keep up with the friends he made as a sidekick. Will has an old friend named Layla, whose power is to grow plants. Will gets more popular. Gwen gets him to invite all the popular kids for a party. When Layla comes over to tell Will that she loves him, Gwen stops her and tells her that Will has new friends. Layla is upset. When Will learns about it, he breaks off the date. He was going to go to the prom with Gwen, but now decides to stay home.

His parents go to the prom instead. There was going to be a ceremony to honor the best superhero of all time. During the prom, however, it is revealed that Gwen is really a villain named Royal Pain. The Commander thought he killed her off, but when he zapped her, she simply became a baby instead. The years passed and she grew into another teenager. Royal Pain puts on her suit and uses her weapon to make everyone become babies.

Will comes on down to the school. He is very sorry for how he acted as a hero and tells his sidekick friends that he needs all of their help to beat Royal Pain. Lash and Speed, two bullies on Royal Pain's side, are knocked out. Ethan tricks Lash and stuffs his head down the toliet. Then he becomes a puddle of ooze, which causes Speed to slip. Warren, now on Will's side, throws fireballs to knock Speed down.

Magenta, whose power is to become a rat, climbs into the system and tries to disable it, otherwise the school will fall from orbit and everyone will die. Penny, a cheerleader who can make multiple copies of herself, surrounds Layla. Layla does not want to fight, but when they hit her, she uses her power to make all the plants come out and bind the cheerleaders down.

Will finds Royal Pain outside. She has loaded all the babies onto the bus and will retrain them to be bad people. He tells her to put his father down. They fight. Will is winning when Layla bursts in, distracting Will. Royal Pain manages to throw Will out of the window. All seems lost when Will appears in the window – he too has Josie's power of flying. He then kicks Royal Pain out of the window. The school begins to fall down. Will goes outside and uses his power to try to keep the school from hitting the ground. Magneta cuts the wire in time and saves the school from crashing into the ground.

Steve and Josie give their award to all of the sidekicks that helped out. All of the villainsa re put into the time-out room.

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