Song Ik-pil

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Song Ik-pil (Korean: 송익필, February 10 1534 - August 8 1599), also known as Unjang, was a Korean scholar, writer, politician, and Neo-Confucian philosopher of the Joseon period.[1]

His nickname was Gubong (구봉, 龜峰) and Hyeonseung (현승, 玄繩).[source?]

Works[change | change source]

  • Gubongjip (구봉집, 龜峰集)
  • Hyunseungjip (현승집, 玄繩集)
  • Garyejuseol (가례주설, 家禮註說)
  • Hyeonseungpyeon (현승편, 玄繩編)

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