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Southwest Papua (Indonesian: Papua Barat Daya) is a province of Indonesia. It was created on 8 December 2022 as a split from West Papua. The Governor of West Papua, Dominggus Mandacan has stated that Southwest Papua is ready to be made a new province. According to the expectations of the people of the Sorong Raya region because the expansion of the new autonomous regions of Southwest Papua is to shorten service distances and encourage development for the welfare of the community. [1]

Background[change | change source]

Southwest Papua has been striving to become a separate province since 2004, Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world consisting of thousands of islands. One of them is the island of Papua which is rich in natural potential and tourism potential, beautiful like pearls that radiate from eastern Indonesia. Papua Island consists of the provinces of Papua and West Papua provinces. Along with the rapid development of the region from the east, Papua is planned to be divided into 5 large provinces, the current 2 provinces namely Papua Province (Jayapura) and West Papua Province (Manokwari) plus the planned new provinces are Southwest Papua Province, the capital city of Sorong, Central Papua in Nabire and The capital city of South Papua Province is Merauke.

Administrative area[change | change source]

The candidate for the provincial capital is City of Sorong.[2] Districts that may join this province include:

References[change | change source]

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