Central Sulawesi

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Central Sulawesi
Sulawesi Tengah
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City View Luwuk, Banggai Regency - panoramio (1).jpg
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From top, left to right : Madale Beach in Poso, City View of Luwuk, Lake Poso festival, Gulf of Palu, Sabo Beach in Ampana, Kadidiri Island in Kepulauan Togean National Park, Behoa Valley
Flag of Central Sulawesi
Official seal of Central Sulawesi
Maliu Ntinuvu (Palu)
(Unites All The Elements and The Potential that Exists)
Location of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia
Location of Central Sulawesi in Indonesia
Coordinates: 1°00′S 121°00′E / 1.000°S 121.000°E / -1.000; 121.000Coordinates: 1°00′S 121°00′E / 1.000°S 121.000°E / -1.000; 121.000
Country Indonesia
Founded13 April 1964
CapitalLambang Kota Palu.png Palu
 • GovernorDrs. H. Longki Djanggola, M.Si (Gerindra)
 • Vice GovernorVacant
 • Total61,841.29 km2 (23,877.06 sq mi)
 • Total2,839,290
 • Density46/km2 (120/sq mi)
 • Ethnic groupsButon (23%)
Kaili (20%)
Bugis (19%)
Tolaki (16%)
Muna (15%)
Gorontaloan (7%)
 • ReligionIslam (76.6%)
Protestantism (17.3%)
Roman Catholicism (3.2%)
Hinduism (2.7%)
Buddhism (0.16%)
 • LanguagesIndonesian (official)
Time zoneUTC+08 (Indonesia Central Time)
90xxx, 91xxx, 92xxx
Area codes(+62) 4xx
ISO 3166 codeID-ST
Vehicle registrationDN
HDIIncrease 0.681 (Medium)
HDI rank26th (2017)
Largest city by areaPalu – 395 square kilometres (153 sq mi)
Largest city by populationPalu – (335,297 – 2010)
Largest regency by areaMorowali Regency – 9,584 square kilometres (3,700 sq mi)
Largest regency by populationParigi Moutong Regency – (413,645 – 2010)

Central Sulawesi (Indonesian: Sulawesi Tengah) is a province of Indonesia. It is at the center of the island of Sulawesi. The capital and largest city is Palu. The population was 2,633,420 in the 2010 census. In 2014, the government reported the population as 2,839,290. The area of Central Sulawesi is 61,841.29 km2 (23,877 sq mi)[1]

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