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Sue Gardner

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Sue Gardner
Sue Gardner in 2012
Born1967 (age 56–57)
Alma materRyerson University
TitleExecutive Director of Wikimedia Foundation (2007–2014)
Sue Gardner and Meir Sheetrit, at Wikimania 2011 in Haifa

Sue Gardner (born May 11, 1967)[1] is the former Canadian executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco from 2007 to 2014. She was the director of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's website and online news outlets. She is currently the executive director of The Markup.[2]

Life and journalism career[change | change source]

Gardner grew up in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada. She is the daughter of an Anglican minister and school principal.[3] Gardner earned a degree in journalism from Ryerson University.[3] She began her career on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) radio in 1990. She worked on the program As It Happens at first. Gardner worked for more than a decade as a producer, reporter and documentary-maker for CBC Radio current-affairs. She also worked for Newsworld International. Her time at Newsworld dealt mainly with pop culture and social issues.[4]

In March 2006, she replaced Claude Galipeau as Senior Director. She was in charge of 150 people who worked on CBC.ca, the CBC website.[5][6]

Wikimedia and recent work[change | change source]

In May 2007, Gardner left CBC. Soon after that, she started working with the Wikimedia Foundation. She helped as an advisor on how the foundation worked and how it was governed.[7]

In December 2007, she was hired as the Foundation's Executive Director.[8] Over the next two years, the number of employees of the foundation grew. This included the addition of a fundraising team. She also guided the foundation as it moved its office from Tampa to San Francisco.

In October 2009, the Huffington Post said Gardner was as one of ten 'media game changers of the year'. They said this because of the affect she had on new media because of her work for Wikimedia.[9]

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