Tahrir al-Sham

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Flag of Ahrar al-Sham subgroup in HTS
Flag of Jaysh al-Sham subgroup in HTS
Flag of the Ansar al-Din front, subgroup in HTS
Flag of the Al-Nusra front, who are the main founders of HTS

Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS; Arabic: هيئة تحرير الشام) is a Salafist Jihadist militant group that fights in the Syrian Civil War. The group was formed as a combination of Ahrar al-Sham,[1] Al-Nusra Front, Ansar al-Din Front, Jaysh al-Islam, Liwa al-Haqq, and Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement.[2] The combination was helped by Abu Jaber Shaykh, the second emir of Ahrar al-Sham. The group is allegedly linked to Al-Qaeda according to the European Union and the United States of America.[3][4] The group is designated a terrorist group by Turkey,[5] United States,[6] Morocco,[7] Australia,[8] Canada,[9] European Union,[10] United Kingdom,[10] Saudi Arabia,[10] United Nations,[10] Russia,[11] and Iran.[12]

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