Tampines MRT Station

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Tampines MRT Station (EW2/DT32) is an MRT Station in Singapore. It is an interchange station along East West MRT Line. It is one of the stations that is not connected from East West line to Downtown line. The station transit area is public.

In Tampines, the other two stations are Tampines West and Tampines East.

At Tampines MRT Station (DTL), the passenger service centre (control station) is only available at the exit to Tampines Bus Interchange. While preparing for the closure of the station at overnight, passengers are not allowed to use Tampines Concourse faregates, and the shutters at the Tampines Concourse will be closed first, following by shuttering the bus interchange entrance.

History[change | change source]

The station was opened on 16 December 1989. The former code is E11. The Downtown Line Stage 3 station started construction in September 2011 and completed on 21 October 2017.