Tamur River

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Tambar Nadi
Tamur River.jpg
Physical characteristics
 - locationnear Kanchenjunga
 - locationConfluence with Arun and Sun Kosi to form Sapta Koshi at Tribeni, Nepal
 - coordinates26°54′47″N 87°9′30″E / 26.91306°N 87.15833°E / 26.91306; 87.15833Coordinates: 26°54′47″N 87°9′30″E / 26.91306°N 87.15833°E / 26.91306; 87.15833
Basin features
River systemKoshi River

The Tamur River is a river that flows in estern part of Nepal. Its source is near the Kanchenjunga mountain. Tamur and Arun River joins the Sun Kosi to form Koshi River which flows into India.[1]

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