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Flag of Texas.svg
Total population
7,951,193 (2010 Census)[1]
Regions with significant populations
Texas (especially San Antonio, El Paso, and South Texas)
Spanish (American Spanish, Mexican Spanish), English (Texas English, Chicano English), Caló, Indigenous languages of Mexico
Predominantly Roman Catholic
Related ethnic groups
Other Chicanos and Hispanos
of the United States:

Californios, Neomexicanos
Other Hispanic and Latino peoples:
Chicanos, Mexican Americans, Mexicans, Spaniards, Indigenous Mexican American, Spanish Americans, Louisiana Criollos, Louisiana Isleños

Tejanos (Spanish: [teˈhano]; singular: Tejano/a; Spanish for "Texan") are the Hispanic residents of the U.S. state of Texas.

Many Tejanos are related to Spanish-speaking settlers of Tejas, Coahuila, and other northern Mexican states.

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