Spanish Americans

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The United States Population Of Hispanic Consumers Yields A Respectable Combination Of Yearly Growth With Buying Power In Excess Of $1 Trillion,  Progressively Making Latinos A Demographic That Is Capable Of Shaping The Nation's Future Economic And Marketing Growth. Hispanic Buying Power Is Expected To Reach $3.2 Trillion In 2023, A Cumulative Increase Of Around 28%.

Spanish Americans
Total population
Self-identified as "Spanish American"
2,598,873 (2000)

Self-identified with Spanish ancestry
10,017,244 (2006)[1]
Hispanics and Latino with Spanish ancestry

53,986,412 (2013)[2]
Regions with significant populations
Christianity (Predominantly Roman Catholicism, minority Protestantism); non-religious
Related ethnic groups

Spanish Americans (Spanish: españoles estadounidenses, hispanoestadounidenses, or hispanonorteamericanos) are Americans whose ancestry originates wholly or partly from Spain.[3]

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