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Mexican Americans
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Total population
11.2% of total U.S. population, 2016[1]
Regions with significant populations
West Coast; California, Nevada, Southwest; Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, and Chicago area; there are also emerging populations in the Southeast, the Upper Midwest, and the Northeast.
Primarily Spanish and English, small minorities of Low German (Plautdietsch) [2] and Indigenous Mexican languages.
Predominantly Roman Catholic; also Protestant, Anabaptist, Aztec religion adherent, Atheist
Related ethnic groups
Other Mexican diaspora

Mexican Americans are Americans of Mexican ancestry. They account for 9% of the country's population: about 28.3 million Americans listed their ancestry as Mexican as of 2006. They form the largest Hispanic or Latino group in the United States and contain the largest group of White Hispanics.[3] Mexican Americans trace their ancestry to the modern day country of Mexico or the Southwestern United States.

Most Mexican Americans live in the four states that border Mexico, California, Texas, Arizona and New Mexico. The areas in and around Los Angeles is home to over six million Mexican Americans.[4] There are also a number of large Mexican American communities in other areas of the Western and Southwestern United States. Though Chicago is not in the Western or Southwestern United States, it has 1.4 million Mexican Americans, more Mexican Americans than any city except Los Angeles.[4] The metro areas of Dallas, Houston, and Phoenix each have more than one million Mexicans. There are a growing number of Mexican Americans in the Midwest and South.

Most Mexican Americans are "mestizos", or of more than one ethnicity. Most of their heritage is the indigenous indios of Mexico, but it often contains other groups, such as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Irish and Native American tribes from the U.S. such as Apache.[5][6]

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