Swiss Americans

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Swiss Americans
Schweizamerikaner (German)
Suisses américains (French)
Svizzero americano (Italian)
Svizer american (Romansh)
United StatesSwitzerland
Total population
c. 0.9 million (2013)[1] 0.3% of the U.S. population
Regions with significant populations
New York, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan, Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Colorado, Indiana, Missouri, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Texas and Oregon
English · French · German • Italian • Romansh
mostly Christianity (Reformed, Catholic and Lutheran)
Related ethnic groups
Swiss people, Swiss diaspora; European Americans

Swiss Americans are Americans of Swiss descent. Swiss emigration to America predates the formation of the United States, often as the result of the persecution of Anabaptism during the Swiss Reformation and the formation of the Amish community. In the 19th century, there was lots of immigration of Swiss farmers, who preferred rural settlements in the Midwest. Swiss immigration slowed down after 1930, although limited immigration continues. The number of Americans of Swiss descent is nearly one million. The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs reported the permanent residency of Swiss people in the United States as 80,218 in 2015.[2]

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