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Town center

Temerin is a town and municipality in South Bačka District, Vojvodina, Serbia. According to last census from 2002, Temerin had a population of 19,143. The municipality Temerin encompass towns Temerin and Bački Jarak and villages Sirig and Kamendin. According the 2002 census, the municipality had a population of 28,201. The majority of its inhabitants are Serbs, while are the largest minority in the town and municipality are Hungarians.

Temerin is located in Panonian plain, about 20 km north of Novi Sad, the seat of the district. It is first mentioned in 1332 in the receipt by the pope Then Temerin was part of Kingdom of Hungary. Ottomans conquered it 1526. after battle of Mohacz. Temerin stayed in Ottoman possession until Great Turkish War at the end of 17th century, whet it became part of Austrian Empire. After World War I Temerin became part of Yugoslavian state.