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/[[Error using {{IPAsym}}: No input|{{{1}}}]]/

Template documentation

The templates {{IPAalink}}, {{IPAblink}} and {{IPAslink}} automatically wikilink an IPA symbol to the respective sound article and provide IPA-defined brackets. IPAalink (IPA angle bracket link) displays them within ‹angle brackets›, IPAblink (IPA bracket link) displays them within [square brackets], and IPAslink displays the symbol between /slashes/.

The conversion table is not defined in this template, but inherited from {{IPAsym}}.

For a more general IPA-linking template, with multiple options including IPA brackting, see {{IPAlink}}.

Usage[change source]

These templates have one parameter, and an optional second.

  • First parameter: Any IPA symbol, or its IPA number.
  • showsymbol=, or use second parameter: changes the visible output into any text.

If the IPA symbol is not defined in the IPAsym table, then an error message is returned.

{{IPAalink|m}} → ⟨m
{{IPAalink|301}} → ⟨301

The latter is normally more an example of accidental misuse than intentional use, or it could be a sign that a symbol is missing from the {{IPAsym}} table.

Option "showsymbol" (2nd, unnamed parameter)

The template can take the extra input like "showsymbol=A", and then show that symbol, while linking to the appropriate article. The symbol to be shown can also be the second, unnamed parameter.

{{IPAalink|m|showsymbol=Anytext}} → ⟨Anytext
{{IPAalink|ɽ͡r|showsymbol=*}} → ⟨ *
{{IPAblink|301|i}}Error using {{IPA symbol}}: "301" not found in list

Related templates[change source]

  • {{IPAlink}} — to creates an article link. It has multiple options