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All parameters optional except post, body, formation.

{{{post}}} of {{{body}}}

since {{{incumbentsince}}}
Style {{{style}}}
Member of {{{member_of}}}
Reports to {{{reports_to}}}
Residence {{{residence}}}
Seat {{{seat}}}
Nominator {{{nominator}}}
Appointer {{{appointer}}}
Term length {{{termlength}}}
Constituting instrument {{{constituting_instrument}}}
Precursor {{{precursor}}}
Formation {{{formation}}}
First holder {{{first}}}
Final holder {{{last}}}
Abolished {{{abolished}}}
Succession {{{succession}}}
Deputy {{{deputy}}}
Salary {{{salary}}}
Website {{{website}}}
{{Infobox official post
|post                     = 
|body                     = 
|nativename               = 
|flag                     = 
|flagsize                 = 
|flagcaption              = 
|insignia                 = 
|insigniasize             = 
|insigniacaption          = 
|image                    = 
|imagesize                = 
|alt                      = 
|incumbent                = 
|incumbentsince           = 
|department               = 
|style                    = 
|member_of                = 
|reports_to               = 
|residence                = 
|seat                     = 
|nominator                = 
|appointer                = 
|appointer_qualified      = 
|termlength               = 
|termlength_qualified     = 
|constituting_instrument  = 
|precursor                = 
|formation                = 
|first                    = 
|last                     = 
|abolished                = 
|succession               = 
|deputy                   = 
|salary                   = 
|website                  = 

Example[change source]

President of the
European Commission
Flag of Europe.svg
Commission emblem
José Manuel Barroso MEDEF.jpg
José Manuel Barroso

since 23 November 2004
Member of European Commission
Seat Berlaymont building, Brussels, Belgium
Nominator European Council
on the basis of the latest European elections
Appointer European Parliament
Term length Five years
Constituting instrument Treaties of the European Union
Inaugural holder Walter Hallstein
Formation 1 January 1958
Deputy Vice-President of the European Commission
Salary €24,422.80 per month
Website ec.europa.eu/president
{{Infobox official post
|post                    = President
|body                    = the<br />European Commission
|flag                    = Flag of Europe.svg
|flagsize                = 100px
|flagcaption             = Commission emblem
|image                   = José Manuel Barroso MEDEF.jpg
|incumbent               = [[José Manuel Barroso]]
|incumbentsince          = 23 November 2004
|member_of               = [[European Commission]]
|seat                    = [[Berlaymont building]], [[Brussels]], [[Belgium]]
|nominator               = [[European Council]]<br /><small>on the basis of the latest [[Elections in the European Union|European elections]]</small>
|appointer               = [[European Parliament]]
|termlength              = Five years
|constituting_instrument = [[Treaties of the European Union]]
|formation               = 1 January 1958
|inaugural               = [[Walter Hallstein]]
|deputy                  = [[Vice-President of the European Commission]]
|salary                  = €24,422.80 per month
|website                 = [http://ec.europa.eu/commission_2010-2014/president/index_en.htm ec.europa.eu/president]