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This week in history is a section taking interesting facts from articles which have experienced an anniversary within the current week. To list a new fact, make a suggestion on the talk page.

To report an error, please use the administrators' noticeboard.


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WARNING: Anything placed in the Current hooks section is immediately transcluded to the Main page. All hooks on the main page must be sourced reliably and verifiable. Anything in the red box is transcluded on the main page, current hooks go there.
From a collection of Wikipedia's articles:

March 15th...

March 9th


  • Information presented in any article nominated for This week in history should be verifiable and unbiased. There must be a citation of a credible source to support the fact contained in the hook.
    • Articles that are tagged for bias with {{NPOV}} or for lack of accuracy with {{Disputed}} are not suitable for TWIH.
    • Articles where facts are questioned with {{fact}} tags may not be suitable.
  • The article linked should be easy to read.
  • The hook used to encourage people to read the article should be interesting to read. Information mentioned in the hook should be in the article text (not in a footnote, or in a linked reference, or in an infobox).
    • Articles may be re-nominated, but a different hook must be chosen. Also, two different hooks of the same article should not be added to the same update or updates that follow each other.
  • This week in history hooks should not be very good articles (VGA) already as VGAs already get their own spotlight on the Main Page as the "Selected article".
    • All VGA nominations for This week in history will be declined. VGAs are not allowed as they are featured on the Main Page in a different category already during their own time.


Quick Approve And administrator will check the hook for the rules above. Quick approval can be granted by any administrator. If a quick approval cannot be granted the reasons will be stated.
Consensus Approve The community can approve hooks here as a consensus in the event it can not be quick approved.