The Boring Company

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The Boring Company
IndustryGeotechnical engineering
Subterranean product development
FoundedDecember 17, 2016; 4 years ago (2016-12-17)
FounderElon Musk
Key people
Steve Davis (project lead)
ProductsBoring Test Tunnel
ParentSpaceX Edit this on Wikidata

The Boring Company is a tunnel boring company founded by Elon Musk,[1] who earlier started SpaceX. It aims to reduce traffic congestion in urban areas. It is involved in the building of the Hyperloop in Los Angeles.

Elon Musk complained via Twitter about Los Angeles traffic and the same day, December 17, 2016, founded the company. It built a short test tunnel in Los Angeles.

To raise money for the expensive project, Elon Musk started selling merchandise - first caps and then flamethrowers (branded as 'Not a flamethrower' to thwart customs) and then fire extinguishers to go with. The company website is written in a lighthearted tone, for example describing the fire extinguishers as 'overpriced'.

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