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The Third Rutte cabinet, also called Rutte III cabinet or Rutte III, is the current government of the Netherlands.

It was sworn in on October 26, 2017. It is named after Prime Minister Mark Rutte (VVD).

It is a coalition of the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA), Democrats 66 (D66), and the ChristianUnion (CU).

VVD is a conservative and D66 a social liberal party. CDA is a Christiandemocratic and CU an orthodox Christiandemocratic party.

Together they have 76 seats in the Second Chamber and 38 seats in the First Chamber.

The Third Rutte cabinet counts 24 members, of which 10 are women (about 40%):

  • VVD has 6 ministers and 3 deputy ministers (of which 3 are women)
  • CDA has 4 ministers and 2 deputy ministers (of which 2 are women)
  • D66 has 4 ministers and 2 deputy ministers (of which 4 are women)
  • CU has 2 ministers and 1 deputy minister (of which 1 is a woman)

Deputy Prime Ministers are:

  1. Hugo de Jonge (CDA)
  2. Kajsa Ollongren (D66)
  3. Carola Schouten (CU)

Ministers with portfolio:

Ministers without portfolio:

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