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I am a teacher in Shanghai, China.

Current projects:

Accounts[change | change source]

The important bit:

  1. Go up to the top right corner of this page
  2. Click create account
  3. Create a username
           (do NOT use your real name)
  4. Create a password
           (do NOT use your username)
  5. Do NOT give them your email address

Some advice:

  • DO write your username and password somewhere so you can find it later
  • Do NOT create many accounts: they'll think you're a trouble-maker and give you trouble
  • Do NOT use one person's phone or computer for many different people: again, it will cause trouble

Next[change | change source]

  1. Choose an article from the list below
  2. Think about someone who wants to know about it: what 6 or 7 most important questions should your article answer?
  3. Click the link to create a new page
  4. Explain exactly what your article is about in the first sentence
  5. In the first sentence, bold the name of your article by using '''three apostrophes''' like that.
  6. Use the English Wikipedia or Baidu Baike to find answers, but
           Write your sentences yourself using your own words
           Put them in a good order so everything is easy to understand

Example[change | change source]

Good enough[change | change source]

Student 甲 creates a new account named DragonKiller1066 and the password iwill¡¡¡never!!!forgetthis№№№

He wants to write about Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, so he thinks of some questions he should answer: What kind of bridge is it? How long is it? What is it made of? Who made it? When did they make it? Why is it special?

He doesn't know the answers to any of those questions, so he looks at Baidu Baike and English Wikipedia. He finds the answers and writes them out on some paper as sentences.

He comes back here, clicks Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge and writes the first sentence: The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is a steel bridge in Nanjing, China.

He does a pretty good job and it looks like this.

Better[change | change source]

It's more helpful if the pages here can talk to each other. You do that by putting [[two brackets]] around a word.

So if you're writing about the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge, that first sentence is going to be more helpful if you write The Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge is a [[steel]] [[bridge]] in [[Nanjing]], [[China]]. That way, people can click and easily go to the articles about steel, bridges, Nanjing, and China.

If you make a mistake like this, you can fix it easily.

Best[change | change source]

It's also more helpful if you can show people how you know the answers you're giving. If you say something weird, you can add a note after it like <ref>[ "I'm right"].</ref>.[1]

You can also do sections and get photos from Wikicommons (or add your own photos yourself) and it can look very nice... but you really don't have to worry about any of that if you aren't interested. I just want you to use 6-7 sentences to use English to explain something you saw and learned about on your trip.

Articles[change | change source]

Places[change | change source]

Good questions: What is it? Where is it? How big is it? Who made it? When did they make it? What does its name mean? Why did they make it? How is it special? What history does it have? What parts does it have? How do you get there by public transportation? When is it open? How much do tickets cost?

People[change | change source]

Good questions: When were they born and when did they die? What did they do? What names did they have? Who were their parents? What did they do as kids? What did they do as young men? What did they do as old men? How did they die? Where is their tomb? Who followed them?

Kingdoms[change | change source]

Good questions: Where was it? When was it? Where was its capital? Who were its rulers? When did each one live? When did each one rule? How were they special?

Districts[change | change source]

Good questions: Where is it? How many people live there? Where does its name come from? Does it have any interesting history? What are some special places there? Does it have any special businesses or schools?

Other[change | change source]