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Welcome to WikiProject Agriculture! This WikiProject creates and improves Agriculture-related articles. This WikiProject exists to improve the quality of existing articles related to agriculture, to create articles to cover a broader range of agriculture topics, and to categorize and link them in appropriate ways. Some articles are of interest to grade-school students, others only to advanced graduate students and post-docs: all such communities should be served.

Everyone is welcome to help, from those 'merely' interested in agriculture to practicing professionals and academics. All are needed. If you want to join the WikiProject, just add your name to the members list.

Scope[change | change source]

This WikiProject aims to provide a common layout for articles on agriculture topics like crop production, livestock management, aquaculture, dairy farming and forest management. It also deals with their products. Any animals, plants, human projects, organizations or notable individuals related to the agriculture in a significant way are included.

The scope of WikiProject A Agriculture is anything on Wikipedia that is related to agriculture. As o. Our particular interests are issues related to agriculture articles. In particular:

  • Bringing every agriculture article as close to Featured Article, Featured List, Good Article and Very Good Article status as possible.
  • Creating new articles on agriculture
  • Making sure all agriculture articles are properly referenced.
  • Keeping the Agriculture Portal in good shape.

Keeping the WikiProject Agriculture community active, growing, and well-supported.

  • Discussing the content of agriculture articles on Wikipedia and what direction WikiProject Agriculture should take.

Members[change | change source]

Add your username to the list using #{{User|YOUR USERNAME HERE}}

  1. Founder -- Space chinedu (talk) 05:06, 17 July 2021 (UTC)

To do list[change | change source]

The following are some of the things you can do in this Wikiproject:

  • Expand: The following are stubs on agriculture that needs to be expanded. Note if the article has been expanded very well it can be removed from this list. Go below to find agriculture related articles and see the ones to be expanded
  • Create: Red links can be a serious eye sore but the following are articles you can create to remove those red links. Note if the article created is a stub it should be removed and kept in the expand section. Also you can go below to agriculture related articles and see which ones that needs to be created.

Goals[change | change source]

Expansion[change | change source]

Articles We've Expanded Count[change | change source]


Milestones[change | change source]

Expand 1 Agriculture related article.

Expand 5 Agriculture related articles.

Expand 10 Agriculture related articles.

Expand 25 Agriculture related articles.

Expand 50 Agriculture related articles.

Expand 100 Agriculture related articles.

Expand 250 Agriculture related articles.

Expand 500 Agriculture related articles.

Expand 1,000 Agriculture related articles.

Expand 5,000 Agriculture related articles.

Expand 10,000 Agriculture related articles.

Expand 100,000 Agriculture related articles.

Agriculture articles with problems[change | change source]

This part can also be used to request for an agriculture related article. Agriculture related articles includes:

Welcome[change | change source]

To welcome new members place this {{User:Space chinedu/WikiProject Agriculture welcome}} on to their talk page and it would look like this

Farm in Hainan 01.jpg Welcome to WikiProject Agriculture!
Welcome to WikiProject Agriculture! I hope you have a delightful time here and improve lots of articles on agriculture! and all comments and thoughts on how to improve the Wikiproject is welcome in talk page. Once again thank you for joining.

Articles for promotion[change | change source]