Vaigai River

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Vaigai River
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Map of Vaigai river
Physical characteristics
SourceVarusanadu Hills
 - locationTamil Nadu, India
 - locationPalk Bay, India
 - elevation0 m (0 ft)
Length258 km (160 mi)
 - average36 m3/s (1,300 cu ft/s)
 - locationPeranai[1]
 - average28.8 m3/s (1,020 cu ft/s)
Vaigai River in Madurai, Tamil Nadu

The Vaigai River is a river that starts flowing from Varusanadu Hills, Periyar plateau of the Western Ghats range. This river flows east towards Tamil Nadu. The Vaigai river produces the Vattaparai Falls. The city of Madurai lies on the banks of this river. The river empties into the Palk strait in the Ramanathapuram district of Tamil Nadu.

Length[change | change source]

The Vaigai river flows for 256km (160mi). The area of the drainage basin of Vaigai is 7036 square kilometers.

Tributaries[change | change source]

The tributaries of Vaigai are Suruli River, Mullaiyaar River, Varaha River and Manjal River. The Kirudhumal River joins Vaigai river in Theni district. The water of Periyar river is diverted or turned to Vaigai.

Reference[change | change source]

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