Theni district

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Theni district is a district of the Tamil Nadu state in South India. The city of Theni is the district headquarters. The district is divided into two natural divisions: The hilly areas are constituted by parts of three taluks: Periyakulam, Uthamapalayam, and Andipatti with thick vegetation and perennial streams from the hills on the western side and Cumbum valley which lies in the Uthamapalayam taluk.[1] As of 2011, Theni district had a population of 1,245,899 with a sex-ratio of 991 females for every 1,000 males.

Economy[change | change source]

Land area for farming in Theni district is 40.33%.[1][2] The principal crop production (in tonnes) in 2005-2006 was: sugarcane 1,201,221, cotton 95,360 (561 bales of 170. kg lint each), rice (paddy) 66,093, millets and other cereals 57,081, pulses (legumes) 6,677, peanut (groundnut) 4,021 and sesame (gingelly) 325.[3] silk, banana, coconut, tea, coffee, cardamom, grapes and mango are other main produce of the district.[4] Cumbum Valley is a major centre for grape production with 4,000 small farmers producing over 90,000 tonnes of muscat grapes. Cotton-spinning mills and sugar mills are the major industries in this district. In Andipatti Taluk, handloom weaving and power looms are flourishing. In Uthamapalayam Taluk, the Highwavis Estate produces an important amount of tea. Bodinayakanur is a major marketplace for cardamom, coffee, tea and black pepper. This city is also called "Cardamom City" because of the large quantity of cardamom trade in this area. It has an auction centre for cardamom.[5]

Places of Interest[change | change source]

  1. Vaigai Dam (~10 km from Theni)
  2. Suruli falls (~50 km from Theni)
  3. Manjalar Dam(~35 km from Theni)
  4. Meghamalai Hill (~57 km from Theni)
  5. Peyathevar Canal,Gudalur Hill (~50 km from Theni)
  6. Bodi Mettu Hill (~40 km from Theni)
  7. Kumbakarai Falls (~15 km from Theni)
  8. Sothuparai Dam (~20 km from Theni)
  9. Shanmuganathi Dam (~50 km from Theni)
  10. Chinna Suruli falls (~15 km from Theni)
  11. Ramakkal Mettu(~30 km from Theni)
  12. Kurankani (~20 km from Theni)
  13. HighWeaves (~70 km from Theni)

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