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Wikipedia:Contact us/Article content

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Article content
How to report a problem with an article, or find out more information.

Article subjects
Problems with articles about you, a company you work for, or someone you represent.

How to copy text on Wikipedia, donate your text, or report unallowed use of your copyrighted work.

Press and partnerships
If you are a member of the press looking to contact Wikipedia, or have a business proposal.

General questions
If you have questions about topics not covered by the other sections.

Everyone can change an article on Wikipedia. So if you see something wrong, just click the "Change" button at the top (there are very few protected pages, pages people can not change).

If your question or comment is about a specific article, then use the 'Discuss this page' link on the problem page. See Wikipedia:Talk page for details.

To talk to a specific user about an article or other problem, you can use their talk page (http://simple.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:user_name) or, if you have an account with a connected email address, click the 'email this user' link on the left side of the person's user page. To see who wrote parts of a specific article, you can look at the page history.

Or you can send an email to info-simple@wikipedia.org with your question. The Email Help Team will help you with the issue.