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Yaroslavl (English)
Ярославль (Russian)
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Yaroslavl Montage 2018.png
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Coat of Arms of Yaroslavl (1995).png
Flag of Yaroslavl.png
Coat of arms
Administrative status (as of December 2011)
Federal subjectYaroslavl Oblast
Administratively subordinated tocity of oblast significance of Yaroslavl
Municipal status (as of December 2011)
Urban okrugYaroslavl Urban Okrug
Mayor[2]Yevgeny Urlashov Vladimir Sleptsov (acting)[1]
Representative bodyYaroslavl City Duma[2]
Area205.80 km2 (79.46 sq mi)[3]
Population (2010 Census,
591,486 inhabitants[4]
Rank in 201023rd
Population (2015 est.)603,961 inhabitants
Density2,874/km2 (7,444/sq mi)[5]
Time zoneMSK (UTC+04:00)
Postal code(s)150000—150066[7]
Dialing code(s)+7 4852[8]
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Yaroslavl is a Russian city on the Volga River. It was founded in 1010. It is one of the largest cities in Russia. The city's centre is a World Heritage Site. It is one of the Golden Ring cities, a group of historic cities northeast of Moscow.

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