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This page describes the different types of attacks in professional wrestling.

Types of attacks[change | edit source]

Clothesline[change | edit source]

A clothesline happens when a wrestler runs toward their opponent and extends their arm out to hitting the opponent in the neck or chest while knocking them over. It is often confused with a lariat.

Standing moonsault[change | edit source]

A standing moonsault is a type of moonsault that happens when a wrestler turns his back to a downed opponent, does a backflip and lands on their opponent chest-first.

Standing shooting star press[change | edit source]

A standing shooting press is a type of shooting star press that happens when a wrestler jumps forward and performs backflip, landing on the downed opponent's chest.

Superkick[change | edit source]

A superkick happens when a wrestler delivers a kick to the opponent's face or chin and is usually preceded by a sidestep. Shawn Michaels uses a superkick known as the Sweet Chin Music as his finishing move.

Spear[change | edit source]

To use the Spear, a wrestler waits at one end of the ring and then runs when the opponent is getting up and dives into them. Edge uses the spear as his finishing move in the WWE. Rhyno also uses a move similar to the spear called the Gore.

One man con-chair-to[change | edit source]

This attack has a wrestler lay their opponents head on a folding chair, they take another chair and hit their opponents head sandwiching the head in-between the two chairs.

Eye poke[change | edit source]

An eye poke happens when a wrestler pokes their thumb or finger in the eyes of their opponent. It is an illegal move and is usually performed by heel wrestlers.

Low blow[change | edit source]

A low blow happens when a wrestler either kicks or strikes the opponent in the groin. It can cause a disqualification and is usually used by heel wrestlers or valets.