Second Battle of Ypres

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Second Battle of Ypres
Part of the Western Front of the First World War
The Second Battle of Ypres.jpg
The Second Battle of Ypres by Richard Jack, 146 x 234½ in., at the Canadian War Museum.
Date Thursday 22 April – 25 May 1915
Location 50°53′28″N 2°58′44″E / 50.891°N 2.979°E / 50.891; 2.979Coordinates: 50°53′28″N 2°58′44″E / 50.891°N 2.979°E / 50.891; 2.979
Ypres, Belgium
Result Stalemate
France France

United Kingdom United Kingdom

 German Empire
Commanders and leaders
United Kingdom Horace Smith-Dorrien
Canadian Red Ensign 1868-1921.svg Arthur Currie
France Henri Gabriel Putz
Belgium A.-L.-T. de Ceuninck
Belgium Theophile Figeys
German Empire Albrecht of Württemberg
8 infantry divisions—2 French divisions and 6 British, Canadian, and Newfoundland divisions 7 infantry divisions
Casualties and losses
70,000 dead, wounded, or missing 35,000 dead, wounded, or missing

The Second Battle of Ypres was a battle of the First World War. It was fought for control of the town of Ypres in western Belgium.[1] It happened in the spring of 1915.[1] It was the first time that Germany used poison gas on a large scale on the Western Front.[1]

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