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Magic Circle, by John William Waterhouse

Witchcraft is the use of certain powers, said to be supernatural. A woman practising witchcraft is called a witch, a man practicing it is known as a witch but can also called by outsiders as a wizard (which derived from a mostly Northern Europe Druidic & Germanic system), (a warlock is a term concocted by Hollywood scriptwriters for the 1960's TV show Bewitched), or a sorcerer. Very often, such people have a knowledge of the pharmaceutical effects of certain herbs or shrubs. They then use this knowledge to help people who are sick.

In the early 20th century, a system of beliefs, a creed has been developed. This creed is called Wicca. Among various civilizations in Ancient times, those with magical powers, who were not considered Gods or Goddesses, were often considered Witches or Sorcerers.