2004 Redfern riots

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The Redfern Riots on 14 February 2004 were started in the inner Sydney suburb of Redfern after the death of Thomas 'TJ' Hickey, a 17 year old Australian Aborigine.

The boy was riding home on his bicycle from his girlfriend's house when he saw a police car and thought it was chasing him. Police were searching him, but police have said that the police car was looking for a different person. While the chase Hickey lost control of his bicycle rode into a spiked fence.

Friends and relatives came together at The Block to be sad. Fliers were given out, which said that it was the fault of the police that the boy died and unhappy aboriginal youths arrived from other parts of Sydney at the Redfern railway station. The police closed the entrance to the station but the crowd had turned violent and began to throw bottles, bricks and Molotov cocktails. The violence became into a full riot around The Block, during which Redfern railway station was burning for a short time and was heavily damaged. The riot went on into the early morning, until police used Fire Brigade water hoses to get the crowd apart. One car, stolen in a western suburb, was burnt, and 40 police officers were hurt.

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