2018 North Korea–United States summit

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The North Korea–United States summit is a planned future meeting between the leaders of North Korea and the United States set to take place on June 12, 2018 in Singapore.[1]

The White House confirmed the planned meeting between President Donald Trump and Chairman Kim Jong-un on 8 March 2018. This would be the first time a sitting U.S. President will have met the leader of North Korea since the Korean War.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said that "in the meantime, all sanctions and maximum pressure must remain."[2]

Kim talked about preparations for the meeting in remarks to the Politburo of the Workers' Party of Korea on April 9.[3][4]

On May 10, Trump announced that the summit will be held on June 12, 2018 in Singapore.[5][6][7] It was announced after the release of 3 American hostages by North Korea.

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