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Solidus of Emperor Valens

Year 376 (CCCLXXVI) was a leap year starting on Friday of the Julian calendar.

Events[change | change source]

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Roman Empire[change | change source]

  • Gothic War: Emperor Valens lets the Visigothic chieftain Fritigern and his people cross the Danube from Thrace. They can live in Lower Moesia if they provide soldiers to the legions.
  • The Greuthungi, led by Alatheus and Saphrax, ask for help from the Roman Empire. They are refused.
  • The Romans fail to disarm the Visigoths. The Goths break out of their containment area along the Danube. They go south towards the region near Marcianople (Bulgaria).
  • Lupicinus, Comes (Count) of Thrace, tries to bring the Visigoths back under control. He invites Fritigern and the Gothic leaders to a banquet. During the feast Lupicinus tries to kill the Gothics. Fritigern escapes.
  • Lupicinus attacks the Visigoths. His force (5,000 men) is defeated. The Goths get Roman armour and weapons. Fritigern marches south towards Adrianople (Turkey).
  • Winter – Fritigern tries to siege Adrianople.

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