Ablai Khan

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Ablai Khan
Stamp from Kazakhstan featuring Ablai Khan, 2001
PredecessorAbul-Mambet Khan
Died(1781-05-23)May 23, 1781 (aged 70)
Full name
Wali-ullah Abul-Mansur Khan
HouseOrys Khan
FatherKorkem Wali

Wali-ullah Abul-Mansur Khan, better known as Ablai Khan (1711–1781) was a ruler of the Kazakh Khanate, which is now in Kazakhstan. He became Khan (king) in 1736. Ablai became an orphan when he was a child. He was already famous as a warrior when he was 20 after he killed a great Dgungarian knight.

During Abilay Khan's rule, the Kazakh Khanate protected their eastern borders from Dgungarian invasion. They also had to protect their northern borders from Tatarian and Bashkirian tribes. When the Dgungarian Khanate was defeated by China, Abilay Khan defended the country from a Chinese invasion.

Ablai Khan was a diplomat and a fearless military leader. He united all Kazakh tribes into a strong country. Today, the people of Kazakhstan see him as the father of united Kazakhstan.