Bangsamoro Republik

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United Federated States of Bangsamoro Republik
Flag of Bangsamoro Republik
Bangsamoro Republik locator map.svg
Area claimed by the Bangsamoro Republik
  Land claimed in the  Philippines
the islands of Basilan, Mindanao, Palawan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi
  Additional land claimed according to Emmanuel Fontanilla in  Malaysia
states of Sabah and Sarawak[1]
StatusUnrecognized state
CapitalDavao City (de jure)
Largest cityDavao City
Common languagesNone
GovernmentFederal republic
• 2013
Nur Misuari
from the Philippines
• Declared
August 12, 2013[2]
• Declared
August 12, 2013
• Recognition
• Defeat in Zamboanga
September 28, 2013
Time zoneUTC+8
Driving sideright
Preceded by
Succeeded by

The Bangsamoro Republik, officially the United Federated States of Bangsamoro Republik (UFSBR)[3] was a former unrecognized breakaway territory in the Philippines. All countries consider the Bangsamoro Republik to be part of the Philippines. Nur Misuari, the chaiman of the Moro National Liberation Front declared the independence of the Bangsamoro Republik in Talipao, Sulu. Davao City is declared to be the capital of the state.

It was said to be a federal republic.[4] The government was in exile.[1] According to Misuari, the republic's territory covers the islands of Basilan, Mindanao, Palawan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.[3] These are places where the Bangsamoro traditionally lived. But according to Emmanuel Fontanilla, Bangsamoro Republik also includes the Malaysian states of Sabah and Sarawak. Fontanilla is Misuari's legal counsel.[1][5]

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