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Benjamin was the youngest son of Jacob and the second son of Rachel. When Rachel gave birth to Joseph she prayed that the Lord would one day give her another child. And when Jacob and his family left Aramea, Rachel stole the idols of her father Laban without telling Jacob so when Laban came to Jacob and asked him “why did you steal my gods” Jacob said that he didn’t do it and curses the person who did it to die. Later, Rachel became pregnant and gave birth to a son and since she was dying in childbirth she named him Ben-Oni, son of my suffering, and after Rachel died, Jacob named the boy Benjamin, the son of the right.

Story of Joseph[change | change source]

After the sale of Joseph, Jacob thought Joseph was dead so he decided always to keep Benjamin by his side to protect him so that nothing could happen to him. But Judah (Biblical personage) still convinced him to let him bring Benjamin to Egypt with a promise to keep him safe. Then Benjamin was framed for stealing a cup from Joseph and Joseph said that he would enslave Benjamin as punishment but Judah and his brothers asked Joseph to have mercy on Benjamin and take them instead. Then Joseph told them he was their long lost brother and forgave them.

Tribe of Benjamin[change | change source]

Benjamin became the ancestor of an Israelite tribe called the Benjaminites.

The Midrash[change | change source]

According to a Midrash in the Talmud, Benjamin was one of only four people who never sinned in their entire life.

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