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Bishan is found in the central part of Singapore
Night view of Bishan's HDB flats

Bishan is a town in Singapore. It is in the middle of Singapore. A lot of people live in Bishan. Houses in Bishan are expensive, because it is near the city.

Etymology[change | change source]

Bishan is called Bishan because in the past, it used to be a Cantonese cemetery called Peck San Theng (simplified Chinese: 碧山亭; pinyin: bìshántīng), which means "pavilions on the hill". This cemetery was made in 1870, but recently the government developed this place, so many people live in Bishan now.

Transportation[change | change source]

Bishan is next to the Central Expressway (CTE), so people all over Singapore can come to Bishan using the CTE. Bishan also has its MRT station called Bishan station. Bishan also has a bus interchange, where people can change to many buses they may want to change to.

Education[change | change source]

Bishan has many schools. There are 4 primary schools, 7 secondary schools and one post-secondary technical education institute. The most famous school in Bishan is Raffles Institution, which is a secondary school and junior college.

Bishan also has the Ministry of Education Language Center (MOELC). Students in Singapore come to MOELC to learn languages like French, German, Japanese, Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia.

Shopping centers[change | change source]

Bishan has three shopping centers.

  • Junction 8 is a big shopping center in the center of Bishan. It is near the MRT station and bus interchange.
  • Bishan North Shopping Mall is an open-air building, with shops selling fruits and vegetables. It is not really a shopping center, even though it is called as a shopping center.
  • Thomson Plaza is a shopping center on Upper Thomson Road.