Shenton Way

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A picture of a traffic light at Shenton Way

Shenton Way is a major road in Singapore. It is part of the Central Business District (CBD) area that is found at the south of Singapore. Together with Raffles Place, it forms part of Singapore's first CBD area. This road is a one way street that starts at the junction of Cross Street, Central Boulevard and Raffles Quay and ends at Keppel Road. The road was named after Sir Shenton Thomas, the Governor of Singapore in 1934–1946, to commemorate his decision to stay in the city during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore.

This road was officially opened in 1951 and became Singapore's version of Wall Street in the 1970s when many business started building their offices there.

Buildings along Shenton Way[change | change source]

  • 8 Shenton
  • DBS Building
  • Marina House
  • MAS Building
  • One Shenton (still building)
  • SGX Centre (Singapore Exchange)
  • Shenton House
  • Singapore Conference Hall
  • UIC Building