Bob Denard

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"Colonel" Robert "Bob" Denard (April 7, 1929 in Bordeaux - October 14, 2007), also known as Gilbert Bourgeaud and Saïd Mustapha Mahdjoub, was a French mercenary. He was one of the most famous mercenaries after World War II.

During his time in the French Navy Denard fought in Indochina and in Algeria, and spent some time in jail. He subsequently served as a policeman in French Morocco. Afterwards he became a mercenary and fought in African countries like Congo, Angola, Rhodesia, Gabon and especially in the Comoros.

He converted from Roman Catholicism to Judaism, from Judaism to Islam, and from Islam to Roman Catholicism.

He was married seven times and was the father of eight children. He practiced polygamy after his conversion to Islam.

Denard had Alzheimer's disease at the time of his death.