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Rapid transit
Canberra station platforms.jpg
The 2 side platforms of Canberra MRT station.
Location11 Canberra Link
Singapore 756972
Coordinates1°26′35.82″N 103°49′46.47″E / 1.4432833°N 103.8295750°E / 1.4432833; 103.8295750
Owned byLand Transport Authority
Operated bySMRT Trains (SMRT Corporation)
Line(s)     North South line
Platforms2 (2 side platforms)
ConnectionsBus, Taxi
Structure typeElevated
Platform levels1
Bicycle facilitiesYes (~500 lots)
Disabled accessYes
Other information
Station code NS12 
Opened2 November 2019; 24 days ago (2019-11-02)
Previous station   Mass Rapid Transit   Next station
towards Jurong East
North South line

Canberra MRT station (NS12) is an elevated Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) station on the North South Line, located along Canberra Link in Sembawang, Singapore.

Timeline[change | change source]

The station was announced on 27 June 2014. Construction began on 26 March 2016 and station opened on 2 November 2019.

The North South Line, Singapore's first MRT line, opened in 1987.[1] The stretch of stations from Yew Tee to Sembawang were opened in 1996 as part of the Woodlands Extension, with station codes NS6 and NS12 reserved for future addition of stations along the tracks.[2]

Both the Land Transport Master Plan 2013 (launched by then-Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew in October)[3][4] and the Draft Master Plan 2013 (unveiled by Urban Redevelopment Authority alongside a public exhibition in November) mentioned the possible addition of a new MRT station between Sembawang station and Yishun station.[5] After a year of review, the Draft Master Plan 2013 was officially gazetted to become the Master Plan 2014 in June 2014.[6]

In conjunction with these Master Plans, between January 2013 and June 2014, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) started feasibility studies of a new station between Sembawang and Yishun stations in tandem with developments in the northern part of Singapore.[7] It was concluded by Mr Lui that the station will be built[8] and on 1 August 2014, Canberra station was officially announced by LTA.[9]

A 72 m (236 ft) long rail crossover track was constructed at the northern end of Canberra station in order to connect the two tracks. The crossover track was built partly to reduce the impact of future rail disruption, such as the power outage that occurred on 7 July 2015[10], by allowing trains to switch to the alternative unaffected track with the crossover. During the Vesak Day weekend from 18 to 20 May 2019, stations on the North South Line from Admiralty to Yio Chu Kang stations were closed to facilitate works on the crossover track and testing.[11]

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