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Choti Bahu – Sawar Ke Rang Rachi
छोटी बहु स्वर के रंग रची
Created byDJ's Creative Unit
Written bySanjay Kumar, Damini K Shetty, Raaj Shetty, Dilp Jha & Archita Biswas Jha & S Mansavi
Starringsee below
Opening theme"Choti Bahu 2" by Ali Aslam
Country of originIndia
Original language(s)Hindi
No. of episodes333+
Producer(s)Tony Singh & Deeya Singh
Running time20 minutes
Original networkZee TV
Picture format480i (SDTV),
1080i (HDTV)
Original releaseFebruary 15, 2011 –
May 18, 2012
Preceded byChoti Bahu
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Choti Bahu 2 (Hindi: छोटी बहू) is the second season of an Indian television drama series. The series premiered on February 15, 2011. It currently[when?] airs every Mon-Fri 7:30 pm on Zee TV channel. It is about the lives of Radhika and Dev. It is a different story than the first season. It has a different storyline and even some characters except for Dev and Radhika which are played by Avinash Sachdev and Rubina Dilaik respectively. The show is very popular and gains good TRP with an average of 2–3.[source?]  

Plot[change | change source]

Radhika, a Brahmin by birth, was adopted and brought up by a family of weavers in a small town. Dev visited the town with his family, met Radhika and became good friends. One day, while Radhika and Dev playing in a temple, they reached a place where 50 couples were getting married. Dev rubbed sindoor on Radhika's forehead, which she had gotten on her head by accident. This caused them to get married without their knowledge. When a priest who witnessed Dev and Radhika's "wedding" comes to Radhika's home and tells her parents that Radhika is married, Radhika tries to tell Dev this but is unable to meet him again.  

After 12 years[change | change source]

One night after college, Radhika meets Dev. They spend time together but Radhika feels bad that she is attracted to someone else. Later on, she finds out that Dev is the one she had married as a child and tells him the truth. Under obligations, he tells her to marry Rohan. She tries to make him accept many times, but he refuses.   Radhika is unable to get married to Rohan after all. A fire starts and Rohan gets badly burned, though Radhika is saved. Dev meets Radhika in the hospital and asks her what caused the fire. She tells him that Rohan knows that she loves someone else; Dev gets angry at this and tells her he hates her. Radhika decides to get into their house as the choti bahu and wife of Dev without telling anyone so she can gain Dev's trust back.   After all the misunderstandings are cleared, the family accepts Dev and Radhika's relationship and Dev and Radhika are soon to be wed. However, because of social norms, everyone calls Radhikha an unchaste woman. To end this problem, Dadaji calls off Dev's marriage with Radikha and fixes it with Barkha. On the eve of Barkha and Dev's wedding, Barkha, wishing to help Radhika, lies to Radikha that she has told Dadaji about what happened 12 years ago and Dadaji has accepted her and will let her become Dev's wife. Radhika therefore dresses up in Barkha's wedding dress and takes the wedding vows with Dev.   After Dadaji realizes that Dev married Radikha instead of Barkha, he suffers a fatal heart attack. The Purohit family decides that Dev will pretend to be married to Barkha in the public eye, and Radhika will perform all of the normal tasks at home.   Radhika obediently performs all the duties of a choti bahu. Barkha puts sleeping powder in Dev's juice, causing him to become unconscious. Barkha then reveals that she loves Dev and Radhika overhears everything. Barkha realizes this and decides to kill Radhika to get Dev's love. Barkha murders Radhika by driving into her with a car twice. In a twist, Radhika returns after a month, but this time is different — she has become confident and fearless. This is because Kanha, the god Radhika is devoted to, has disguised himself as Radhika to put an end to Barkha's crimes, as Dev is made only for Radhika.   The rest of the story tells how Kanha teaches Barkha her lesson. One day, when Kanha is at home as Radhika, Dev asks her if she's alright. Radhikha asks why, and Dev tells her he saw her outside the temple begging for help. This is actually the real Radhika, who was reborn after Barkha tried to suffocate her. Dev is later poisoned by a juice that Barkha got originally for Radhika, and the family believes Radhika did it. Barkha repeatedly tries to get Radhika out of the house.   Then the real Radhika comes in the house. However, Kahna helps Radhika throughout everything. Barkha tries to murder Radhika again, but Dev stops her. The entire family then appears and disgraces Barkha, finally knowing her true nature. However, as Radhika faints, Barkha flees and successfully escapes. Later in the day, while Radhika and Dev go into the forest, Barkha tries to kill both of them, thinking that if she can't have Dev, no one can. However, everyone thinks she dies instead. The monastery was being taken by the bharawaj family which was however Radhikas real family. Ruby wants to kill Radhika even though she is her twin sister and that is the reason why she wants to kill her. Radhika and Dev both go to mumbai to radhika's house but Dev feels uncomfortable when they get a unwelcoming welcome from Ruby. Ruby and Jolly (Rubys brother who loves her so much) try to make a plan to throw Dev and radhika out of the house. When everyone comes to the party and Radhika finds out that everyone was using her to get the monastery land and humiliate her husband she severs all ties with them and try to find krishnas idol and leave but Khana comes and tell Radhika she has to stay back alone because of the battle against right and wrong. Radika stays back but Dev and her in laws get mad at her and Radhika s family think that she did that for money and she became greedy. In the morning Radikha was doing a puja without an idol and ruby comes but she is not her self but an evil spirit comes and possessed her body and "Ruby" strangles Radhika but doesn't succeed. Radhika thinks that there is a bad omen when the mirror shatters and the curtains flow when the windows are closed. In the middle of the night Ruby suddenly enters the purohit house in Dev and Radhika s room. The spirit ruby faints after seeing khanas photo. Dev is confused and the family.the next morning Ruby s family come to pick her up but the spirit comes in her and she says that she wants to stay and says that the monastery will stay with her. Then after a few incidents Radhika and Dev find out that Ruby is possessed by an evil spirit and the priest says that either Ruby or Radhika have to live but to take away the evil spirit radhika must go to a cave that leads to the world of death. she has to get an antidote that will take the evil spirit out of ruby's body. Radhika faces snakes and poisonous plants. She survives by praying to Kanha . At home sonia (Radhika's step-mother aunt), Rb (Radhika and Ruby s father), and Jolly think Dev is talking rubbish when he tells them that ruby is possessed by an evil spirit and she cant get out of the house. Sonia thinks that this is an opportunity to get the bharadwaj property and ruby would die. Jolly tells Ruby who is suffering that Dev is talking rubbish and takes off Kanha's locket to protect ruby then the spirit comes in ruby and kicks Jolly out. Jolly is shocked and so is the family. Radhika gets the antidote and tries to give it to ruby but the spirit flies and Tries to kill ruby radhika saves her and ruby says sorry to everyone for being to rude. Then she dies. Everyone agrees that she is dead but radhika does not. She goes to the temple and tells Kanha to bring her to life but she kills herself instead and dies and talks to Kanha. Kanha says that this is her destiny but radhika changed it and she isn't supposed to die. Radhika tells kanha to bring her to life and kanha listens and ruby comes to life. Ruby is sad and begs to khana to bring her to life and promises him she will never be bad to radhika. She tells radhika she will change and Jolly also says to khana and puts his gun before kanha and promises he will never do anything illegal but just let his sister come to life. Radhika comes to life and ruby and Jolly thank khana. Sonia and the others cant believe it. Sonia is mad then she wont get the property. Rb says that his first wife who is radhika's mother savatri died when radhika and ruby were babies and took radhika to mansaraam. Rb admits that Kanha exists and everyone bow down and thank kanha. SO far everyone has changed except Sonia.  

Characters[change | change source]

Radhika (Rubina Dilaik)

Radhika was adopted by Mansaram after her mother's death. An ardent follower of Krishna, Radhika was married off to Dev in her childhood itself. Radhika is selected as the bride for Rohan and after marriage becomes the Choti Bahu of the Purohit family. Radhika is unaware of the fact the Dev, the Purohit's domestic help, is her real husband. She feels a spiritual connect with Dev at their first meeting itself. Radhika discovers the fact that Dev is her first husband but is unable to reveal it to him. Later on, Barka buries Radhika alive to get her true love, but since Radhika was a ardent devoteee of lord kanha, kanha promises radhika to take good care of the family while he is imposting her. Radhika finds out her real dad and sister and finds out the turth that her mother took her there for a festivel and died in an accident.  

Dev Raj Purohit (Avinash Sachdev)

Twenty three-year-old Dev is a Purohit by birth. However, the truth is known only to Dadaji and Dai Maa. Principled and upright, Dev got married to Radhika when both were children. Dev completely forgets about his marriage and Radhika as he grows into an adult. However, destiny helps him meet Radhika when she is selected as the bride for Rohan.  

Maheshwari Gopaldas Purohit (Pragati Mehra)

Eldest daughter-in-law.  

Rohan Harinath Purohit (Saurav Chakrabarti)

Padma's son. He and Dev used to friends and was intended to get married to Radhika. But when he found out Dev and Radhika love each other, he pretended to be mad and many times tried to kill Dev. When Rohan exposed himself as sane to Dev and Radhika, he forcefully tried to get Radhika accepted as his wife and tried to kill Dev when he intervened. (Dev's friend and half-brother, antagonist)  

Virat Gopaldas Purohit (Micckie Dudaaney)

Maheshwari's son  

Padma Harinath Purohit (Sushmita Daan)

Second daughter-in-law  

Dai Maa (Gopi Desai)

Dev's guardian is the protagonist and she loves Dev and Radhika the most out of the whole family. She works for the purohits but they treat her like a mother. Dai Maa has a very strong heart and believes in khana whole heartedly. Dai Maa treated and still treat Dev like her son when no one knew who his real parents were but since they found out that paad maa is his mother but she loves him like his mother.  

Dadaji (Rakesh Pandey)

Dev's dead grandfather. He is the former head priest. He always knew who Dev's real parents were. Dadaji fell off the stairs when Mareshwari pushed him off to become head priestess. Dadaji died in a heart attack when he found out that Dev married Radhika instead of Barkha.  

Mohini Virat Purohit (Sangeeta Kapure)

Mohini is Virat's wife and loves shopping and makeup and dressing up. Mohini is a talker and whenever there's a problems she makes a joke. Mohini doesn't like to work in the kitchen.  

Gopaldas Purohit (Chayan Trivedi)

Virat's father. Gopaldas is a protagonist and he likes to recite riddles and jokes. He loves his family and doesn't like to see them hurt even when his wife and son try to hurt them.  

Mansaram (Aditya Lakhia)

Radhika's father  

Chhenu (Sidharth Sen)

Radhika's brother  

Barkha (Benaf Dadachandji)

Radhika's friend & main female antagonist now dead. But sources say that she will return to the show in the guise of a bride and trouble Radhika and Dev, ultimately killing Dev and bringing him into the other world.[source?]  

Kanha (Nishant Shokeen/Pracheen Chauhan)

Lord Krishna  

Asur (Aman Verma)

Male Antagonist now dead. Radhika killed him and is a devil that Barkha hired to kill fake radhika.  

Ruby Bhardwaj (Rubina Dilaik)

Radhika's sister and was antagonist and is now protagonist who now loves radhika she is a twin sister of her.  

Rishikesh Bhardwaj RB (Vinay Jain)

Radhika's & Ruby's biological father.  

Sonia Bhardwaj (Kishwar Merchant)

Ruby's stepmother, Jolly's mother & RB's second wife  

Radha Rani/Madhvi (Srishty Rode)

Lord Krishna's partner & Rohan's fake wife  

Awards[change | change source]

Awards Year Category Nominee Result
Zee Rishtey Awards 2011 Favourite Khalnayak Barkha (Benaf Dadachandji) Won[source?]
Favourite Jodi Dev & Radhika (Avinash Sachdev & Rubina Dilaik) Won[source?]


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