Christian (given name)

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Meaning"follower of Christ"
Other names
Alternative spellingCristian, Cristiano
Nickname(s)Chris, Chrissy, Crix, Xian
Related namesChristine, Christina, Christiane, Kristen, Kristin, Kirsten

Christian [ kris-chuhn ][1] is a given name. Both men and women can be named "Christian". The name comes from the Latin word Christianus, meaning "follower of Christ".[2] It has been commonly used as a name since the Middle Ages - especially amongst females.[3]

The name is popular in Europe, United States and other English-speaking countries. In Europe — though not the United States — it is almost exclusively used as a male name. However, in the 17th and 18th centuries it was a popular female first name in Scotland.[source?]

Female variants of the name include Christine, Christina, Christiane, Kristen, Kristin, and Kirsten. Holders of the name Christian may go by the nicknames or shortened forms Chris, Chrissy, Crix or Xian.

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