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Community Identification Number

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The Official Municipality Key, which used to be called the Official Municipality Characteristic Number or Municipality Code Number, is a group of numbers used to tell the difference between different municipalities and areas.

Germany[change | change source]

In Germany the Official Municipality Key has statistical goals and is given by the statistics offices of individual German states. The municipality key is given in times like moving house on the notice of some documents.

Structure[change | change source]

The municipality key has eight digits, which are set like this: The first two numbers tell people what the German state is. The third number say the government district (in areas without government districts a zero is used instead). The fourth and fifth numbers show people the number of the urban area (in a city without districts) or the district (in a city with districts). The sixth, seventh, and eighth numbers show the municipality or the number of the municipality-free area.

Examples[change | change source]

08 1 11 000: Stuttgart

  • 08: Baden-Württemberg
  • 1: Government district of Stuttgart
  • 11: Urban area of Stuttgart
  • 000: No other municipality is available, since Stuttgart is an urban area

15 3 52 002: Aschersleben

  • 15: Saxony-Anhalt
  • 3: Government district of Magdeburg
  • 52: District of Aschersleben Strassfurt
  • 002: City of Aschersleben

Federal States in Germany[change | change source]

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Austria[change | change source]

Structure[change | change source]

In Austria the municipality key has five digits which are chosen like this: The first number shows the number of the Austrian state, the second and third numbers show the district, and the fourth and fifth numbers show the municipality.

Examples[change | change source]

3 25 21: Rappottenstein

  • 3: Lower Austria
  • 25: Zwettl district
  • 21: Municipality of Rappottenstein

9 07 01: ViennaNeubau

Federal States[change | change source]

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Switzerland[change | change source]

Structure[change | change source]

The Swiss Federal Office for Statistics makes code numbers with up to four digits, which are given in the order chosen with the official order of the cantons, districts, and municipalities in Switzerland.

Cantons[change | change source]

Canton Range
Canton of Zurich 0001-0261
Canton of Bern 0301-0996
Canton of Lucerne 1001-1150
Canton of Uri 1201-1220
Canton of Schwyz 1301-1375
Canton of Obwalden 1401-1407
Canton of Nidwalden 1501-1511
Canton of Glarus 1601-1629
Canton of Zug 1701-1711
Canton of Fribourg 2001-2336
Canton of Solothurn 2401-2622
Canton of Basel-Stadt 2701-2703
Canton of Basel-Landschaft 2761-2895
Canton of Schaffhausen 2901-2974
Canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden 3001-3038
Canton of Appenzell Innerrhoden 3101-3111
Canton of St. Gallen 3201-3444
Canton of Grisons 3501-3987
Canton of Aargau 4001-4323
Canton of Thurgau 4401-4951
Canton of Ticino 5001-5322
Canton of Vaud 5401-5939
Canton of Valais 6001-6300
Canton of Neuchâtel 6401-6511
Canton of Geneva 6601-6645
Canton of Jura 6701-6806