List of crossings of the River Thames

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London Bridge, in central London
Newbridge, in rural Oxfordshire

This is a list of crossings of the River Thames including bridges, tunnels and ferries. There are almost 214 bridges, over 20 tunnels, six public ferries and one ford. The list starts at the downstream (Estuary) end and follows the river upstream towards the start of the river.

A few of the crossings listed are public pedestrian crossings making use of walkways across lock gates and bridges above or near-by weirs. Most of the other locks on the River Thames also have walkways across their lock gates and weirs, but these either do not fully cross the river, or are for the use of authorised people only, and are so are not listed.

Besides the ferry crossings listed, there are commuter boat services along the river in the city of London, and tourist boat services running both in London and upstream. Although the main purpose of these services is not to carry people across the river, it may be possible to use them to do so.

North Sea to London[change | change source]

The Queen Elizabeth II Bridge

East London[change | change source]

Thames Barrier
Thames Tunnel in the mid-19th century

Central London[change | change source]

Tower Bridge
Westminster Bridge
Lambeth Bridge

South West London[change | change source]

Albert Bridge
Chiswick Bridge
Richmond Bridge

London to Windsor[change | change source]

Chertsey Bridge

Windsor to Reading[change | change source]

Maidenhead Railway Bridge
Reading Bridge

Reading to Oxford[change | change source]

Folly Bridge, Oxford

Oxford to Cricklade[change | change source]

Radcot Bridge

Beyond Cricklade[change | change source]

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