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Total population
c.10–12 million
Regions with significant populations
 Czech Republic  
[1][nb 1]9 246 784[2]
Significant diasporic populations in:
 United States1,462,000[3]
 United Kingdom45,000[5]
 Croatia9,641 (2011)
 Sweden7,175 (2001)
 Spain5,622 (2006)
 Romania3,339 (2002)
 South Africa2,300
 Serbia1,824 (2011)[10]
 New Zealand1,083
 Bosnia and Herzegovina600–1,000[12]
Mostly irreligious[13]
Historically Christian
Roman Catholic, Hussite, Lutheran and other

Czechs (Czech: Češi, Czech pronunciation: [ˈtʃɛʃɪ], archaic Czech: Čechové [ˈtʃɛxɔvɛː]) are a western Slavic people of Central Europe. Most live in the Czech Republic. Small amounts of Czechs also live in Slovakia, Austria, U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Germany, Russia and other countries. They speak the Czech language, which is closely related to the Slovak and Upper Sorbian language.[14]


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  1. This number is a lower estimate, as 2,742,669 people opted out declaring ethnicity in 2011.