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  States that currently use the dinar.
  States that previously (in their lifetime) used the dinar.

The Dinar is the name of the official currency in several countries. The word dinar (Arabic: دينار, Serbian: динар / dinar, Macedonian: денар) is derived from denarius, a Roman currency.

Legal tender[change | change source]

Countries currently using the dinar[change | change source]

Countries Currency ISO 4217 code
 Algeria Algerian dinar DZD
 Bahrain Bahraini dinar BHD
 Jordan Jordanian dinar JOD
 Kuwait Kuwaiti dinar KWD
 Iraq Iraqi dinar IQD
 Macedonia Macedonian denar MKD
 Libya Libyan dinar LYD
 Serbia Serbian dinar RSD
 Tunisia Tunisian dinar TND

Countries which have previously used the dinar[change | change source]