Eurovision Song Contest 1988

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The countries in blue took part in the contest

The Eurovision Song Contest 1988 was the 33rd edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. The contest had 21 countries taking part (originally 22 but Cyprus was disqualified). Switzerland won with "Ne partez pas sans moi", performed by Céline Dion.

It was held in Dublin after Ireland won in 1987 with Johnny Logan's song "Hold Me Now".

Overview[change | change source]

Groups of sixteen people from each country ranked the songs. Each country's jury then awarded points to their ten favourite songs, with 12 going to the best, 10 to the second and 8 to 1 to the third to tenth ranked songs. The country with the most points won the contest.

R/O Country Artist Song Points No.
1 Iceland Iceland Beathoven "Sókrates" 20 16th
2 Sweden Sweden Tommy Körberg "Stad i ljus" 52 12th
3 Finland Finland Boulevard "Nauravat silmät muistetaan" 3 20th
4 United Kingdom United Kingdom Scott Fitzgerald "Go" 136 2nd
5  Turkey MFÖ "Sufi (Hey Ya Hey)" 37 15th
6 Spain Spain La Década "La chica que yo quiero" 58 11th
7 Netherlands Netherlands Gerard Joling "Shangri-La" 70 9th
8 Israel Israel Yardena Arazi "Ben Adam" 85 7th
9 Switzerland Switzerland Céline Dion "Ne partez pas sans moi" 137 1st
10 Republic of Ireland Ireland Jump the Gun "Take Him Home" 79 8th
11 Germany Germany Maxi & Chris Garden "Lied für einen Freund" 48 14th
12 Austria Austria Wilfried "Lisa Mona Lisa" 0 21st
13 Denmark Denmark Hot Eyes "Ka' du se hva' jeg sa'" 92 3rd
14 Greece Greece Afroditi Fryda "Clown" 10 17th
15 Norway Norway Karoline Krüger "For vår jord" 88 5th
16 Belgium Belgium Reynaert "Laissez briller le soleil" 5 18th
17  Luxembourg Lara Fabian "Croire" 90 4th
18 Italy Italy Luca Barbarossa "Ti scrivo" 52 12th
19 France France Gérard Lenorman "Chanteur de charme" 64 10th
20 Portugal Portugal Dora "Voltarei" 5 18th
21  Yugoslavia Silver Wings "Mangup" 87 6th