Finland (European Parliament constituency)

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European Parliament constituency
Map of the European Parliament constituencies with Finland highlighted in red
Location among the current constituencies
Member stateFinland
MEPs16 (1996–1999)
14 (1999–2009)
13 (2009–2020)
14 (2020–present)

Finland (Finnish: Suomi) is a European Parliament constituency representing the entire country of Finland. It was created in 1996.

Election results[change | change source]

National Coalition Party380,46020.7930
Green League292,89216.003+2
Social Democratic Party267,60314.6220
Finns Party253,17613.8320
Centre Party247,47713.522–1
Left Alliance126,0636.8910
Swedish People's Party115,9626.3410
Christian Democrats89,2044.8700
Seven Star Movement16,0650.880New
Pirate Party12,5790.6900
Blue Reform6,0430.330New
Feminist Party4,4420.240New
Communist Party of Finland3,5320.1900
Liberal Party – Freedom to Choose3,0150.160New
Animal Justice Party2,9170.160New
Finnish People First2,4950.140New
Citizens' Party2,0430.110New
Valid votes1,830,04599.67
Invalid/blank votes6,0140.33
Total votes1,836,059100.00
Registered voters/turnout4,504,48040.76
Source: Ministry of Justice

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