Romania (European Parliament constituency)

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European Parliament constituency
Map of the European Parliament constituencies with Romania highlighted in red
Location among the current constituencies
Member stateRomania
MEPs33 (2020)

Romania (Romanian: România) is a European Parliament constituency representing the entire country of Romania. It was created in 2007.

Election results[change | change source]

National Liberal Party2,449,06827.0010–1
Social Democratic Party2,040,76522.509–3
2020 USR-PLUS Alliance2,028,23622.368New
PRO Romania583,9166.442New
People's Movement Party522,1045.7620
Democratic Alliance of Hungarians in Romania476,7775.2620
Alliance of Liberals and Democrats372,7604.110–2
National Union for the Progress of Romania54,9420.610–2
Prodemo Party53,3510.590New
United Romania Party51,7870.570New
Romanian Socialist Party40,4350.4500
Independent Social Democratic Party26,4390.290New
National Unity Block20,4110.230New
Valid votes9,069,82297.06
Invalid/blank votes274,4152.94
Total votes9,344,237100.00
Registered voters/turnout18,267,25651.15
Source: BEC

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