Lithuania (European Parliament constituency)

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European Parliament constituency
Map of the European Parliament constituencies with Lithuania highlighted in red
Location among the current constituencies
Member stateLithuania
MEPs11 (2019)

Lithuania (Lithuanian: Lietuva) is a European Parliament constituency representing the entire country of Lithuania. It was created in 2004.

Election results[change | change source]

Homeland Union248,73619.743
Social Democratic Party200,10515.882
Lithuanian Farmers and Greens Union158,19012.562
Labour Party113,2438.991
Liberal Movement83,0836.591
Aušra Maldeikienė's Train82,0056.511
Waldemar Tomaszewski Bloc (LLRA–KŠSLRS)69,3475.501
Lithuanian Centre Party64,5955.130
President Rolandas Paksas' Movement (VKM–PRPJ)50,4104.000
Vytautas Radžvilas: Recover the State! (VKM–VRSV)42,2283.350
Order and Justice34,4422.730
Social Democratic Labour Party29,7062.360
Lithuanian Green Party28,5622.270
Lithuanian Freedom Union (Liberals)24,1431.920
Strong Lithuania in United Europe16,8501.340
Decisive Leap14,3091.140
Valid votes1,259,95494.59
Invalid/blank votes72,0665.41
Total votes1,332,020100.00
Registered voters/turnout2,490,54253.48
Source: VRK

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