Free European Song Contest

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The Free European Song Contest (abbrev. as FreeESC) is a song contest run by the private channel ProSieben that started in 2020. Different singers representing countries in Europe (mainly) compete every year.

Some of the competitors are famous singers include: Nico Santos (famous singer in Germany), Max Mutzke (represented Baden-Württemberg at the Bundesvision Song Contest 2014, Ilse DeLange (represented the Netherlands at the ESC2014 as member of The Common Linnets), Sarah Lombardi (participant in the 8º season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar), Eko Fresh (German rapper of Turkish and Kurdish descent who won 5 awards).

The latest winner of the Free European Song Contest is Rea Garvey of Ireland.

The Free European Song Contest was created by Stefan Raab (with the collaboration of the private channel ProSieben and the production company Brainpool TV) after the cancelation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 by the COVID-19 pandemic in Europe. The first contest took place at the ProSieben Studios, Cologne, Germany on 16 May 2020 at 20:15 CEST on the television channel ProSieben and the second contest took place at the Lanxess Arena, Cologne, Germany.

List of winners[change | change source]

Year Country Song Performer Article
2020  Spain Like I Love You Nico Santos FreeESC 2020
2021  Ireland The One Rea Garvey FreeESC 2021

Highest placings of non-winning countries[change | change source]

Best placing Country Most recently
Song Performer Article
2nd (twice)  Netherlands Rollercoaster Danny Vera FreeESC 2021
3rd Moon Back to the Moon Der Astronaut FreeESC 2020
3rd  Belgium ASAP Milow FreeESC 2021
4th  Scotland Statues Amy Macdonald FreeESC 2020
4th  Germany Forever at Home Helge Schneider FreeESC 2020
5th  Israel Alles auf Hoffnung Gil Ofarim FreeESC 2020
6th (twice)  Turkey Everything Helal Elif Demirezer FreeESC 2021
7th  Austria Tut mir nicht leid Mathea FreeESC 2021
7th   Switzerland All We Need Is Love Stefanie Heinzmann FreeESC 2020
8th  France VIP Hugel feat. Bloodline FreeESC 2021
8th  Bulgaria Du bist genug Oonagh FreeESC 2020
9th  England Mexico Mighty Oaks FreeESC 2021
9th  Croatia Highlight (Ti si moja snaga) Vanessa Mai FreeESC 2020
11th  Poland Immer da Glasperlenspiel FreeESC 2020
11th  Italy 13 Schritte Mandy Capristo FreeESC 2020
12th  United Kingdom Friends Kelvin Jones FreeESC 2020
14th  Slovenia Stuck in My Mind Ben Dolic FreeESC 2021
14th  Kazakhstan Paranoid Mike Singer FreeESC 2020
15th  Greece Herz Sotiria FreeESC 2021
16th  Denmark Reset Kate Hall FreeESC 2020

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