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The word "freeganism" (person: freegan; related: freecycling)[1] means to get things for free rather than buy those items. A freegan is a person who does not like to pay for things, but does not steal either. Freegans like to find things that other people throw away that are still useful.[1] People often throw things away that are not used up or broken. Sometimes they throw things away because they are bored of them and like to shop for new things. Freegans look through other people's rubbish bins and take what they can use, to the point of dumpster diving. This can be good for the environment, because no energy is used to make new things, in those cases. However, some cities have rules about taking things out of the rubbish, and freegans can get in trouble for this.

The name "freegan" rhymes with "vegan". It combines the words "free" and "vegan". Freegans are not necessarily vegans.

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