Post-left anarchism

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Post-left anarchism is a set of beliefs in contemporary anarchism which critique traditional leftist thoughts. It believes that leftism is too centered on tactics such as syndicalism, vanguardism and parliamentarianism and that it is too outdated. The four main schools of thought it combines are egoism, communism, post-civilizationism and anarchism. Even if some advocate for armed insurrection, most support the creation of spaces and affinity groups to act freely in the current society rather than fighting for utopian ideas.

Post-leftist anarchists consider that it is not an ideology, which they consider a fixed set of ideas that over-define a person. It proposes as an alternative critical self-theory, which is a way an individual creates his own beliefs beyond limitations of ideology. This means that post-left anarchism is not a unified theory. It is not a capitalist thought because it also criticizes capitalism, liberalism and private property for being forms of authority.

Notable post-left anarchists include John Zerzan, Hakim Bey and Bob Black.